The World Spider Catalog, V15 by N. I. Platnick (c) 2000 - 2014 AMNH


Gen. Scandichrestus Wunderlich, 1995 []

S. Wunderlich, 1995s: 648, type Typhochrestus tenuis Holm, 1943.

mf tenuis (Holm, 1943) *....................Sweden, Finland, Russia []
Rhaebothorax pallidus Holm, 1939b: 30, f. 14a (Df, preoccupied in Typhochrestus by Emerton, 1882).
Typhochrestus pallidus Holm, 1943: 20, f. 6e-h, pl. II, f. 17-19 (Tf from Rhaebothorax=Mecynargus, Dm).
Typhochrestus t. Holm, 1943: 20, footnote (replacement name; as Simon's (1884: 589) transfer of Lophocarenum pallidum Emerton, 1882 to T. was not accepted by Emerton or other authors, the need for a new name could be questioned, per Brignoli, 1983c: 363).
Typhocrestus t. Palmgren, 1976: 110, f. 23.18-20 (mf).
S. t. Wunderlich, 1995s: 649, f. 26-29 (Tmf from Typhochrestus).