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Gen. Simonus Ritsema, 1881 []

N.B.: Roewer (1955b: 601) listed Ctenonima Franganillo, 1946 as a corinnine genus (for unknown reasons, as Franganillo's description immediately follows one of a Syrisca species under a "Liocraninae" heading). However, Franganillo did not describe a new genus for the species he described as Ctenonima cubana, and evidently did not intend to do so. His statement (1946: 102) that "Dice E. Simon que la única especie del género es de Nueva Caledonia" indicates that Ctenonima is merely a lapsus for Ctenomma Thorell, 1890, which was listed in Simon's Histoire naturelle as having a single species, from New Caledonia (Franganillo's only illustration for the species, of the eye pattern, shows a ctenid-like arrangement); Ctenomma was placed as a junior synonym of Simonus and transferred from the Ctenidae to the Zoridae by Lehtinen, 1967: 264, here by Ramírez, 2014: 341.

Transferred to other genera:
S. cubanus (Franganillo, 1946) -- see Odo.

mf lineatus (Simon, 1880) *....................Western Australia []
Ctenophthalmus l. Simon, 1880i: 174 (Df).
S. l. Ritsema, 1881: XCI (generic replacement name).
Ctenomma lineatum Thorell, 1890c: 131 (superfluous generic replacement name).
Ctenomma lineatum Simon, 1897a: 136, f. 141.
Ctenomma lineatum Simon, 1909d: 168 (Dm).
S. l. Lehtinen, 1967: 264, f. 406, 408 (mf).